Poland Day 10 – Wildalpen to Ingolstadt

Up slightly later than planned due to the late night last night so not the first down for breakfast. Had a great breakfast and packed up, then tried to help fix the wifi at the B&B. Unfortunately the router password was not a standard one and as it was a public holiday we couldn’t call the provider. Oh well, I’m supposed to be on holiday anyway!

Enjoyed a great ride through the lower Alps heading towards the big ones. Despite it being a public holiday I had mostly clear roads and could enjoy the ride at my own pace. Eventually I reached the start of the Hochalpenstraße, and wow!

Climbing up ever higher I must’ve stopped for photos every 5 meters. I got incredibly lucky and was the last vehicle through a roadworks near the beginning of the climb so pretty much could take as much time as I liked.

At the very top I stopped for a quick beer and took a few minutes to soak in the surroundings. The driver of a tour bus told me about a short side quest to the Edelweißspitze another mile or so down the road which would be the highest point I could reach on this road, so when I got going I looked out for it and went up there too.

All too soon I had to keep going and shortly I was scraping footboards on the descent. This sounds more dramatic than it is as it doesn’t take an especially tight corner to get the Wildy leaning over as far as it will go, and I still took the time for occasional pictures.

The rest of the ride went smoothly with the stunning scenery soon left behind and I eventually made it to the Azur camp ground at Ingolstadt with daylight to spare. Pitched up my tent and it was off to meet the Star Riders Germany who were hosting this weekend’s party.

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  1. Avatar Eamonn
    Eamonn says:

    And what happened next ? …..


    • I got lazy? 😉
      Yes, I still need to sort/upload all the pics, and write up the Star Riders Germany party and the ride home.