Micha’s Dragstar


Micha's XVS1100a in Exmoor

This is my current pride and joy and is my first ever new vehicle. I bought her in the beautiful spring of 2003 to explore the British Isles with and have had some very nice trips with her so far with many more planned.


Model : Yamaha XVS1100a – Dragstar Classic
Year of Manufacture : 2000
In-Service-Date : 2003
Colour : British Racing Green (factory)


Modifications and Extras

Alarm System Meta M357 2003.03 Rex Judd £250
Saddlebags Leatherlyke Cross Country Bags 2004.02 ? ~US$480 LeatherLyke Cross Country Bags Traditional
Exhaust Hard-Krome 2.75″ Big Straights 2005.02 ? ~ US$400 DG Hard Krome 2.75" Straight Exhaust
Sissy-bar/Luggage rack Mapam-Restyling 2005.06 Bikercom US$256.03
AIS System Complete removal of the AIS System 2005.07.23 n/a n/a
Windscreen Yamaha Windscreen 2005.08.31 Rex Judd £
Oil Filter Relocation Kit Barons 2006.08.11 Secondhand from Rob (robvstar1100) of the Great Bears – thanks mate! £100 Baron Custom ORK
Barons Big Air Kit (BAK)
Replaced by the SS Customcycle Chubby Air Kit
Barons 2007.03.25 Cruisercustomizing.com
Notes: Re-jetted with 115F, 112.5R main jets.
US$269 + US$30 shipping Baron Custom B.A.K. Smooth
Pillion seat upgrade Re-padded pillion seat 2007.xx.xx Organised through Alchemy Bikes £??
Passenger Floorboards Baron Custom Adjustable Passenger Floorboard 2008.06 Cruisercustomising.com ~US$240 (incl. mounting brackets) + US$35 shipping Baron Custom Adjustable Passenger Floorboard
Handlebar Risers Pro-One Handlebar Riser and Clamp Kit, Ball-Milled 2008.06 Cruisercustomising.com ~US$110 + US$35 shipping Pro-One Handlebar Risers
Intercom System StarCom1 Digital Intercom 2009.05 StarCom1.com £260 + £7.50 shipping
Crash bars & Highway Pegs Renegade Crash Bars and Highway Hawk “Sundance” footpegs 2011.06 Customcruisers.com £210 Renegade Crashbars Highway Hawk Sundance footpegs w. clamps
Seats Mustang Two-Piece Studded Wide Touring seat 2013.04 Secondhand from JC in the VStar1100 forum USD280 + USD100 (shipping) + £40 (customs & duty) Mustang Wide Touring Seat with Conchos
Air filters “Chubby” air kit 2013.08 SS Custom Cycle
Re-jetted using #152.5 main jets (front and rear), #20 pilot jets, and stock needles (Slot 4 from top, plastic spacer, no shims), with 3.5 turns out on the PMS mixture screws.
Update: 3.75 turns out on the PMS mixture screw.
USD135 + USD39.72 (shipping) SS Custom Cycle Chubby Air Kit
Sissybar / luggage rack Cobra tall sissy bar / tubular luggage rack 2013.08 From a mob which I can’t currently recommend. USD???
Towbar / hitch Freewheeluk custom-built towbar 2013.08 Built by Alan from freewheeluk. GBP280

My bike is also on Cruisercustomizing.com here.


Year Company Price Notes
2013 Bikesure (Adrian Flux) £207.20 Fully comprehensive @ £6000 (inc. Europe-wide roadside assistance)
2012 Bikesure(Adrian Flux) £256.62 Fully comprehensive @ £6000 (inc. Europe-wide roadside assistance)
Switched to Bikesure as eBike did not reply to some email queries; also slightly cheaper due to affiliation with MAG.
2011 eBike Insurance £263 Fully comprehensive (inc. Roadside assistance) + Europe-wide Roadside Assistance
2010 eBike Insurance £248 Fully comprehensive (inc. Roadside assistance) + Europe-wide Roadside Assistance
2009 eBike Insurance £234 Fully comprehensive (inc. Roadside assistance) + Europe-wide Roadside Assistance
2008 eBike Insurance £240 Fully comprehensive (inc. Roadside assistance) + Europe-wide Roadside Assistance
2007 eBike Insurance £221 Fully comprehensive (inc. Roadside assistance) + Europe-wide Roadside Assistance
2006 eBike insurance £234 Third party fire & theft
Changed from Vauntage to eBike insurance as Vauntage didn’t ring back when promised; also eBike is slightly cheaper, more flexible as regards motorcycle modifications, and has fully online insurance management.
They also include UK roadside assistance as standard in their package and offer Europe-wide roadside assistance for an extra £50.
2003-2005 Vauntage £286 Third party fire & theft
For the past couple of years I’ve insured through Vauntage as they were the only mob I found who would organise insurance for me with an Australian drivers license.
Now that I have a British license I will shop around a bit but it looks like their prices aren’t too bad..

Roadside Assistance

2006 onwards

I now get Breakdown Cover as part of my insurance policy, with only a small surcharge for European cover.

2004 onwards

Not having the luxury of friends and family with Ute’s here in England I ended up getting RAC breakdown cover after they rescued me from a flat tyre in Brighton once.

Service History

Prior to 2006 I had annual bike services by various professional shops in London – including Yamaha certified Service centres.

But due to being dissatisfied with the work performed (the bike got some scratches from some shops, I never got a bill of work done, and various other issues) and the exceedingly high prices I started doing my own servicing on my beloved Draggie.

To this end I purchased a Clarke CML2 bike lift on recommendation from some of the Great Bears and went for it. I also built my own carburettor sync tool based on some instructions on the internet here.

Date Miles Item Notes
2013.07.27 54921 Rear Tyre/Wheel While replacing rear tyre and bearings, mechanic noticed bearing seats had worn and replacement bearings would not sit.
  • Rear Wheel (used) – eBay £130
  • Rear Tyre (Avon Venom AM42 170/80/15) (£140, fitted; Big Jims Rims)
  • Rear wheel bearings (3 @ £6); rear wheel tube (£18.50); sundries (£1.50)
  • Labour 1.5 hours (£72)

Total: £250.

2012.10.14 53058 Oil
  • Drain & replace oil (Mobil1 Racing 4T @ £34/4ℓ from Opie Oils)
  • Oil filter change (KN-303C filter from K&N Filters online store @ £12 each).
2012.04.28 46906 Brakes
  • Replace front brake discs (Kazumi @116.66/pair from Raw Power Motorcycles )
  • Replace rear brake pads (EBC FA88, from ?: $?)
  • Replace exhaust gaskets @1.27ea from Wemoto
2012.04.20 46906 Front tyre & MOT
  • Avon AM41 @£85 from AFB Motorcycles
  • Fitting & Tube @ £24 from Big Jims Rims
  • MOT (arranged through Big Jims Rims, performed by Bill Bunn Motorcyles
2012.02.25 46347 Basic Service
  • Drain & replace oil (Mobil1 Racing 4T @ £34/4ℓ from Opie Oils)
  • Replace spark plugs (NGK BPR7ES @ £2.20ea from Opie Oils)
  • General check, lube, tighten.
2011.07.02 406?? Service
  • Drain & replace front & rear brake fluid
  • Drain & replace final drive oil
  • Clean & oil airfilter
  • General check, lube, tighten.
2011.04.16 37511 Service General checkup and adjustments: oil, sparkplugs, valve clearance, brakes and brake fluid, tires and pressure, lubrication, carburettor balance.
2010.11.06 36954 Service
  • Oil Change (Mobil1 Racing 4T @ £36.19/4ℓ from Opie Oils)
  • Oil filter change
  • Front bearing change (£12 from Wemoto, £5 to get old bearings out by Big Jims Rims)
  • Check brakes – front 2mm
2009.10.04 32500 Tune-up Check & adjust sparkplugs, valves, carburettor balance
2009.09.25 32197 Fuel filter & Spark Plugs @ £12.58 (£2.50pp) From Wemoto
2009.09.05 31703 Rear Brake Pads £15 from SRS Motorcycles
Clean caliper, replace rear brake fluid.
2009.05.20 27605 Rear Tyre £116 from F.W.R.

  • Avon Venom @ £86
  • Inner Tube @ £15
  • Fitting ∓ balance @ £15
2009.05.11 26139 MOT £29 from Alexandra Motor Group
2009.05.09 26081 Service
  • Oil Change (Mobil1 Racing 4T @ £14/ℓ)
  • Check ∓ adjust valve clearance
  • Balance carburettors
  • General checkup & lube
2009.05.02 Battery Varta YT14B-BS battery; ~£60 from MDS
2009.03.14 25440 Oil
  • Oil filter change (K&N 303c Filter @ £13)
  • Oil Change (various left overs)
  • Clean and adjust spark plugs
2008.05.23 19522 Front tire F.W.R. £100
Avon Venom front, new tube
2008.05.20 19465 Full Service Alexandra Motor Group, £160

  • Oil & Filter change
  • Clean & adjust spark plugs
  • Adjust valves
  • Service rear caliper
2008.05.01 18830 MOT £25 from Alexandra Motor Group
2007.04.?? 18??? Service General start-of-year service
  • Replace brake fluid front & rear
  • Oil change
  • Check & adjust valve clearance
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Balance carburettors
2007.03.25 180xx Air Filter Change Got a Barons BAK which forced the air-filter change.
2007.03.06 17707 MOT £25 through Alchemy Bikes
2006.08.11 165xx Oil & Filter Change Got an oil-filter relocation kit second hand which tied in nicely to my next oil-change interval.
  • Castrol GPS 10W40 motor oil – £24.99
  • Barons Oil Filter Relocation Kit – £100
  • K&N Oil Filter – free
2006.07.14 14270 Front Caliper rebuild and new brake pads Work done through Roy from Alchemy Bikes. – £165
2006.04.12 ~12400 Air Filter Genuine Yamaha filter; £11.49
Rear Tyre Dunlop; £130 from F.W.R.
2006.03 ~12000 12000-mile service
  • Oil and filter change
    • Castrol GPS 10W40 motor oil
    • Genuine Yamaha oil filter
  • Replaced exhaust gaskets and nuts/bolts
    • Genuine Yamaha exhaust gaskets
  • Replaced final gear oil
  • Replaced Spark plugs
  • Replaced rear brake pads (2006.04.05)
    • Aftermarket pads (EBC, Part# FA88) – £15.50


V-Star Info

Here are a few V-Star specific links