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  • inFAMOUS (PS3) – completed

    Completed inFAMOUS today on HARD difficulty.

    Enjoyable game with good storyline. Apart from the very last battle, it wasn’t all that difficult. Unfortunately the game saves don’t track played time so not sure how long it took me as it was spread out across about 4 weekends and a couple of evenings.

    Only annoyance is that I didn’t end up with enough points to buy all the upgrades and now with the city pretty much cleaned up there’s no easy way to gain more XP. It is designed to be played multiple times, making different choices each time, but I’m not sure I’ve got the time to go through it again – much rather get started on inFAMOUS 2 now!

    For anybody starting the game, if you want to maximise your trophy collection with only a single playthrough:
    * do lots of fighting and leave some of the side-quests until later; this allows you to gain more XP in the long run. Side-quests can be completed after the main storyline is done.
    * save the game prior to every karma choice, then do each mission both ways.
    * carefully search each city block the first time you get to it and collect all the shards; otherwise searching for the last few shards will be a pain as you will have to comb the entire city for them.

  • Game Completed: Killzone 2

    So I finally played through Killzone 2, figured I should have some background before embarking on Killzone Shadowfall.

    On the whole quite enjoyed it, playing through on standard difficulty, except for the end boss. Despite reading tactics I ended up wussing out and completing the last fight on easy.  Which is weird – everybody said -getting- to him was the difficult bit, actually taking him out isn’t that bad. For me it was the other way around, getting through his minions was doable, but one-on-one (Rico is worse than useless) proved impossible for me. Just have no idea how one is supposed to take down an invisible teleporting dude with a super machinegun and one-hit-kill if he gets too close to you, which he keeps doing because he teleports behind you.  On easy it was tough but doable – requiring significantly fewer hits.

    An FPS-maniac I, clearly, am not.