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  • Game Completed: Killzone 2

    So I finally played through Killzone 2, figured I should have some background before embarking on Killzone Shadowfall.

    On the whole quite enjoyed it, playing through on standard difficulty, except for the end boss. Despite reading tactics I ended up wussing out and completing the last fight on easy.  Which is weird – everybody said -getting- to him was the difficult bit, actually taking him out isn’t that bad. For me it was the other way around, getting through his minions was doable, but one-on-one (Rico is worse than useless) proved impossible for me. Just have no idea how one is supposed to take down an invisible teleporting dude with a super machinegun and one-hit-kill if he gets too close to you, which he keeps doing because he teleports behind you.  On easy it was tough but doable – requiring significantly fewer hits.

    An FPS-maniac I, clearly, am not.