WordPress and Piwigo? Yes please!

So I just discovered the PiwigoPress plugin for WordPress.
While it’s obsolete and the widget no longer works, the “short code” feature still does. Unfortunately it’s not very well documented, but it is possible to add pictures to an article which link back to not only the picture, but also the album which that picture is part of.

Trawling through the source code, it seems the following is possible:

[PiwigoPress id=<pic> lnktype=albumpicture url='http://gallery.lemmurg.com/']
idPiwigo picture id(s)eg.
id=1 – picture id 1
id=1-5 – all pictures with ids 1 through 5
id=1,3,4 – pictures with ids 1, 3, and 4
lnktypepicture (default, link to picture only)
album (?)
albumpicture (link to picture with album)
eg lnktype=albumpicture
urlURL of the Piwigo siteeg: url=http://gallery.lemmurg.com
sizeSize of the picture. Possible values:
sq – square
th – thumbnail
xs – extra small
sm – small
me – medium
la – large (default)
xl – extra large
xx – extra-extra large

eg: size=sm
nameAdds image name
0 – no (default)
1 – yes
auto – ?
eg: name=1
descAdds image description.
0 – no (default)
1 – yes
eg: desc=1
lnktypepicture – link to picture only (default)
albumpicture – link to picture with album
album – ?
example: lnktype=albumpicture
opntypeWhether to open in the current tab or a new one.
_blank – open in new tab (default)
random – random order (default)
orderascWhether to sort pictures in ascending order.
0 – no (default)
1 – yes