New Scuba Toy – Shearwater Peregrine

Just bought a Shearwater Peregrine as a backup for my Shearwater Perdix AI (budget didn’t quite stretch to a second Perdix..)

Haven’t dived it yet, but following are my immediate unboxing impressions (pictures (via Google image search)).

The good:

  • Familiar layout and the same great screen as the Perdix.
  • Smaller and lighter form factor than the Perdix.
  • Mostly full-featured recreational dive computer with some intro-to-tec features.
    • No AI/compass
    • Up to 100% O2 and 3 gases
    • Lots of “tec” displays
  • Built-in battery charging is via the Qi wireless standard, so absolutely no exposed contacts.
    • But due to wrist-straps/bungees it may be difficult to use generic Qi charging pads.
  • Dive download via Bluetooth (hopefully works better than the Perdix!)

The bad:

  • Buttons are physical rather than the piezo-electric ones from the Perdix (subjective).
  • Battery is a built-in rechargeable battery (subjective).
  • Limited display customisation (as compared to the Perdix).
  • Screen protector is a standard thin protector rather than the thick gel-like one of the Perdix.

The ugly:

  • The charging pad uses a micro-USB cable rather than USB-C (for a brand-new product, I would expect it to use the latest standards)
  • Still fairly large (although required to support the screen, the bezel _could_ be a bit smaller given the target market)
  • No compass or Air Integration (for the price-point, many competing products offer these features)