Windows 10 – fixing 4K Display Scaling

Windows 10 doesn’t deal well with older programs, or when changing displays from High-DPI to Low-DPI (or vice-versa). The Windows 10 “Creators Update” will hopefully fix that, but in the meantime, this YouTube video might help out.


In a Nutshell:

  1. Download this¬†“External Scaling” zip file (or the files individually linked to by the video)
  2. Open Zip file and extract the registry patch and manifest file
  3. Run the registry patch
  4. Copy the manifest file into the same directory as the program whose scaling isn’t working properly.
  5. Rename the manifest file to “<program>.exe.manifest” where <program> must match exactly the name of the¬†executable.
    1. For example, for Kerbal Space Program, copy the manifest file into the KSP game directory and rename it to : “KSP_x64.exe.manifest”
  6. Restart the program.
  7. Profit!