Double Trouble rally

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So the first rally of the year, and the first one on the new bike, saw me headinh down to the Double Trouble rally near Weston-super-Mare.

A late start since I had to work the day had me heading westwards after 5pm. A very strong headwind and a heavy trailer made the going a bit slower than usual but I made it by 8pm and had the tent up not long after.

A rather jovial evening was spent with the boys talking bull and having a few brews. A nice chap called Eamonn joined us, and before we knew it the night had gone and so had the bands! Which was a pity because we always enjoy listening to the Hells Bells.. oh well, next time.

The next day had us out to Morrissons for brekky and then a rather lovely ride out, ending up in Pollock Hill via some beautiful scenic roads.  Mart insisted it was all planned but we all know he had just gotten us lost again!

The evening went rather quietly as everyone was buggered so eventually Eamonn and myself headed up to see the band. Later on a few more drinks around the fire barrel and then good night.

Last day already.  A leisurely pack up, and off we tootled back homewards bound. Nice one chaps, ready for the next one!