Suunto Mosquito Dive Computer

In preparation for a dive-trip to Cairns in December I got a cheap second-hand Suunto Mosquito dive computer off eBay (thanks to Scott from Second Fin for excellent after-sales support, highly recommended if you’re in the market for SCUBA gear in the UK).

I did have a problem which Scott couldn’t help me with – getting it to connect under Windows 7 (x64). Even various work-arounds posted online failed to get the correct drivers installed.

Surprisingly, it works perfectly out-of-the-box under Linux with Subsurface, although you may have to ensure you have permission to access USB devices.

aptitude install subsurface

After contacting Suunto support, it turns out that it is possible to get it running on Windows after all, requiring an older version of their Dive Manager software, which is no longer linked on their website (see below).

Regardless, I’m far more likely to just use it under Linux anyway.