Norway Day 9

Not much to say about our last day.

We had an early start and a fantastic breakfast in the hotel. It really was quite a good buffet, with everything on offer from eggs to cold meats and cheeses to waffles (bake your own) and muesli and breads. We were joined at breakfast by Gary and Helen from the cruise who were also on our flight to Oslo.

After brekky we didn’t have a long wait until our bus went to the airport, which was quite a ways out of town. At the airport we did some last-minute duty free shopping and then settled down to wait for our flight, which ended up being half an hour early.

The plane was very cramped despite being a 737. Perhaps they add additional seats to cut down on the number of flights to the small airport.

In Oslo we had about an hour between flights, so we got lunch at Upper Crust again and munched on that while we waited. Then it was on to a slightly less cramped 737 on our way back to London.

Back in London we quickly got through immigration and then settled in The Globe pub to wait for Jürgen who was transiting through Heathrow on his way back to Germany. We had a good chat and a couple of beers (funny how airport prices suddenly seem cheap!) and then went home to unpack and unwind.

Great holiday! Looking forward to going back someday in summer..