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First off, let me just say that I'm not into piercings like some people - like most things I do, it's just something I kinda do and don't get full-on obsessed by like some people...

So why did I get pierced? Dunno.. just started liking the looks of some of them, and decided to try it. I've had an earring (not really a piercing I guess) since I was 25 (got it on my 25th birthday during lunchtime at work) so it's been a slow but steady progression in a way. I'll probably get more as time goes on.. they feel nice and look good in moderation, IMHO.

So far I've had all my piercings done by Dave at the London Piercing Studio in Soho, London. It wasn't much of a conscious decision the first time (mostly it was just convenient to work) but he did a great job and I was impressed by the professionalism and cleanliness. So I've been back every time so far.



Micha's Eyebrow Piercing

I never liked eyebrow piercings. Until I saw Angy's, that is. Funny - only a few weeks later I got my eyebrow done! I still don't really like the silver barbells or rings which most people seem to have, but I'm very happy with my green spikes.

For the piercing I went to the London Piercing Studio in Soho as it was close to work. Being my first piercing I was a bit nervous, but Dave was very reassuring and professional.

The piercing didn't hurt at all which surprised me. There was a little bit of swelling for a few days but none of the achiness I had with my second earring. Unfortunately I had to have a plain silver barbell until it healed, a look which I don't like. So as soon as the requisite four weeks was up I exchanged it for the green spikes which I still wear and quite like.

The only hassle I've had with this piercing is that I've lost a couple. The spike seems to work its way loose after a while (or maybe I just start playing with it) and then falls off.


Nipple - July 2003

Micha's Nipple Piercing

Never really liked nipple piercings either. Not sure what changed my mind - I think I read a bunch of articles about people who'd gotten one and browsed through some pics. It definitely wasn't the kind of change of heart I got as with the eyebrow. One day, just decided to get one and headed on down.

Dave reckoned it was going to hurt (his apparently did), but it didn't at all. It was a weird feeling having the needle slide in, but apart from a little ache for the next few hours it wasn't painful at all.

One of the benefits of this piercing (well, for me anyways) was that my nipple has gotten a lot more sensitive! No trouble with this one, but since it's a ring I need pliers to change the jewelry. I've been thinking of getting either just a bar, or even a nipple-shield. Some of the nipple-shields look pretty neat!


Tongue - July 2004

Micha's Tongue Piercing

I've quite liked the idea of a tongue piercing for a long time now, but have had concerns about damaging my teeth. Articles online seemed to give lots of conflicting information. I've now met quite a few people with tongue piercings, some of them who've had them for quite a few years, and none of them seemed to have had any problems with them.

So the next trick was finding some time to do it. Working full-time makes it kinda hard if you can't talk for a few days, which happened to a co-workers boyfriend. I finally decided on it this weekend - half-day Friday, so that gives me almost 3 days... So after a nice farewell-to-food lunch at O'Neils and a pint of guiness I headed down to the studio.

Dave took a look at my tongue and decided it wasn't going to be a problem and proceeded to get ready for the piercing. For some reason I got nervous, I guess because my tongue is quite sensitive and +Gods it hurts when I bite on it, so I was expecting a lot of pain, but again, like my other two piercings, there was practically no pain and before I knew it it was done and over with, and looking pretty good.

Micha's Tongue Piercing

After the piercing I went straight home, after grabbing a big cup of ice and a bottle of water from McDonalds (only 89p - well worth it!). My tongue didn't swell up for a few hours, I almost thought I'd get away with it, but then it got huge, oh well. I was also drooling like anything for the first 24 hours or so. Sipping icy water seemed to really help keep the swellings down.

It's been a bit sore and not being able to eat real food is a pain. I could still talk afterwards (although I probably sound a bit odd) which is good. The worst was being invited to a BBQ the day after, and smelling the steaks! I did nibble on a bit of sausage, but it took a long time to eat!

It healed fully in about a week and I have not regretted getting it done. Very occasionally the tongue piercing gets in the way but on the whole there are no problems with it.

2007.06 Update: Due to my leukemia I was strongly asked to take out my tongue piercing by the doctors as they simply couldn't get rid of the infections and they suspected the tongue piercing to at least be a contributing factor. I finally capitulated and am now tongue-piercing-less :(


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