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Hi, my name is Michael Karl Werle (Micha). I was born in Bonn, Germany, on the 20th August 1972, and exactly 10 years later (to the day!) I arrived in Sydney, Australia. My parents settled in Brisbane where I lived for the next 20 years, went to primary and high school, then university, got married, had a kid, bought a house, and generally did all the things one does..

But sometimes things change unexpectedly and since 1998 I've been travelling a bit, sometimes within Australia, and sometimes around the world. Having always wanted to return to Europe for a while I finally moved to London in early 2002 where I've been since.

Since December 2003 I've been living in Ealing which is a suburb on the west side of London UK. I flat with two co-workers in a very nice 2-bedroom flat (newly refurbished) in a relatively quiet and leafy area which is nevertheless reasonably handy to shops and the Tube.

Work-wise I'm a computer programmer and started my 3rd full-time job at Sony in March 2002 and have since then been happily hacking away on PlayStation2 related network programming tasks, which has been partially responsible for keeping me here. In the past I've worked for CITEC and Care Systems, as well as working on any number of smaller projects to keep me from getting bored.

In my spare time I like to work on my home network and my website, at least, when I'm not too busy playing computer games or going after one of my numerous hobbies..

Personal Details

Considering there's people that absolutely must know these things, here are my physical specifications (mostly taken from my drivers license...):
Age: varies annually, currently about 37 (although some say 13 is more accurate!)
Height: 175cm
Weight: varies, currently around 78kg (Unfortunately my 'Heathrow Injection' came back rather quickly after the Chemo)
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Greyish tending to green or blue depending on mood.
Complexion: Caucasian (I tan nicely whenever I brave the sunlight..)


Contact Details

There's a variety of ways you can get to me online. If you want to catch me offline, you should already know..
  • E-Mail - probably still the most common and easiest way to let me know of something, however Due to spam these days, I no longer list my email addresses out plain on the web. But I can be contacted via this web-form.
  • Instant Messenging seems to be all the rage these days, and I've got accounts on most of the current crop. I'm not always around, no matter what my status says, so if I don't answer it's not necessarily because I don't want to talk to you!
    • ICQ - if you haven't heard of this, you've probably been hibernating under a rock for the past 10 years. Anyways, my number is 9368241 and my current status is .
    • Yahoo! - Yahoo! decided to have a messenger as well and it ties in well with my webmail. Not surprisingly my id is and my current status is
      UPDATE: Yahoo!'s IM is currently broken for centericq, hence I haven't been online very much. ICQ rules.
    • MSN - the Evil Empire's version of Instant Messenging, it's ok and lots of people seem to use it.
      My MSN id is (you can also email me there, but I hardly ever check it).


Random Bits

And here are some of my interests/hobbies (in no particular order):

  • Tatiana, my beautiful daughter.
  • Cats - I've collected 3 so far...
  • AuroraMud: more than a MUD, it's an online community.
  • Here is a version of Tic-Tac-Toe I wrote in Java.
  • Astronomy
  • Squash, which is not for computer programmers as it requires physical exertions!
  • Sluggy Freelance, an excellent online comic strip! Fear bun-bun.
  • Magic the Gathering ( an excellent collectable card game - don't look into this unless you want to get addicted!! )
  • Computers in general
  • Computer games in particular..
  • I love reading, but unfortunately find it harder to find the time to do so. Recently I started reading Terry Pratchetts excellent Discworld series, and am now the proud owner of the entire series, as well as the games.
  • Werles on the Web! We're not as rare as we think.

  • NEW A Werle mailing list now exists! To subscribe, Send email to with the following in the body of the message:
    subscribe WerleL


Mail You can email Micha here.
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